Fashionable Art of Self Expression


The rise of popularity of Bohemian (mix and match) fashion movement of today also impacts the haute couture fashion world of Paris, Milan, London and New York City.  Boho is a fashion trend that has a 4,000 year OLD history in some cultures.  It was a favored style of royal women of the 1500’s, women like Queen Joanna of Naples, who was painted by Raphael, innovated new accessory styles in her time.

Today Bohemian (Boho) styles are seen daily in our capital cities as people use fashion as a tool of self expression and social identity.  Bohemian fashion is a mix and match of textures, objects, colors to create wearable art…a rampant artistic expression of the self that you wear daily.

Remember that because of fashion innovations by Coco Chanel she was considered a leader of Paris Bohemian fashion styles by the establishment of her time.  Coco Chanel made wearing men’s pants fashionable for sportswear and she used men’s soft jersey underwear fabrics to make finished dresses for her customers.

Chanel was criticized by many as to “Avant Guarde” and to forward…even as women flocked to her shop for the pleasure of wearing her new comfortable, simplified styles that were completely devoid of fancy gathered lace trims and ruffles.  Her simple “Black Dress” is a good example…because Chanel layered the simple black dress with Boho stacks of necklaces and adorned her models with large cuff bracelets of fake jewelry.

Chanel said, “Be provocative.  I only like fake jewelry because it is provocative”, as Chanel created a line of fake pearl necklaces and fake gold cuff bracelets to enhance her simplified fashions.  In creating her new “fake” jewelry Chanel used Bohemian cultural sensibilities of Russia, India and Hungarians to guide her new styles.

Today, in Paris and Milan fashion trends are influenced by African Bohemian beaded jewelry and bold metal accessories and bangle bracelets.  In Paris walk the boutique shops near the Pompidou Museum to find authentic African jewelry bargains.

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