Frequent travel in different time zones became a time measurement problem for watchmakers in the 1920’s and Cartier of Paris was the first to design an anti gravity watch mechanism that would not loose time when flying through multiple time zones.

Today there are many watch styles for people who travel and live life in more than one time zone.  Most travelers, like celebrity MADONNA, prefer a dual time zone watch that display instant view of time at “Home” and “Local” destination time zone, i.e., a watch with two dials to show time in two locations instantly.


Other professional people need a watch that has four or five time zones sub dials like celebrity designer Victoria Beckham.

There are also families with a child, or student, who is temporarily living in a different time zone and they like their child to wear a two dial dual time zone watch simply to stop the late night telephone call home.

The solution for tracking time in different time zones once required a person to wear two or three watches stacked on their arm – and in Europe this was a fashion style fad for women’ who liked to show off their watch collection.

Today there is a specialty watch website for travelers located online at that provides dual time zone watches, five time zone and global time zone wrist watches – so you can travel in style without losing time online.


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