Men’s Watches: Definition of Chronograph Watches

A “chronograph” is a device that graphically records time intervals.  On wristwatches this is done by adding a “sub dial” or and additional hand such as a “second hand”.  Therefore, chronograph watch is a watch with multi function “sub dials” on the main dial.  The regular wristwatch was first made in the late 1700’s and it was simply a pocket watch with straps to attach the pocket watch to the wrist.  The “sub dial”

Movements of Chronograph watches with multi function sub dials   The movements of chronograph watches is very complex and the complexity and the cost of the watch dramatically increases with the addition of each sub dial and the movement “complex” that performs the designate started first as the day date “sub dial” and this is what makes Rolex “Day Date”


classic watches so collectible.  As watch making techniques continued to specialize with multi function tasks the day date “sub dial” as joined with other specialized “sub dial” that included “day of the week” sub dial and “month of the year” sub dials.

d task, such as showing the date, the day of the week, the moon and sun, the month of the year.

Then as the world advanced and man created racing cars as an important sport the chronograph watch was redesigned to separate the hour and second hand movements.  This allowed for the second hand to be stopped and started with the push of a button.  By necessity the ‘Stop Watch” was created.

Chronograph Movements for Specialized Sport Activities

Car racing and aviation caused companies like Cartier Paris to develop special chronograph watches for “clocking sports cars” and for “tacking time while flying into multiple time zones”  that is tracking the time the

has elapsed from one point to another point.

Horse racing, with betting, also meant that an accurate “stop watch” second hand dial be created for this sport, not the mention the political fall-out at Olympic games for foot races.

The measurement of time became an obsession in our modern society.  As the field of science has increase so has the necessity of accurate “time measurement” with specialized “sub dials” and “secondary hands” to document time in the parts of seconds.

Today the most accurate chronograph watches are digital wristwatches that measure time to 1/100th of a second such as made by Luminox, Seiko and Casio.  Science laboratories have time measuring devices even more accurate.


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