Swatch’s Summer Buzz Still Buzzing

More watch style trends for today’s marketplace…

Tick Tock Beirut

What we love about Swatch is that their watches are for everyone. Take their Summer Buzz 2013 Digital Collection for example. It’s a casual piece that can be worn by your 12-year-old sister and 28-year-old football buddy as well. It’s psychedelic, funky colours and design sets it apart from the rest of the digital watches in the market.

It’s silicone strap is fastened to a rectangle-shaped plastic case. The dial features the date, two time-zones and a back-light. It’s water resistant up to 30 metres. We don’t have to go further into the technical details of this timepiece because it is, after all, Swatch. Excellent but not too outstanding.

Brand: Swatch
Price: $150

Swatch stores in Lebanon:

  • Beirut Mall (Tayyouneh) and ABC Mall (Debayeh)
  • Verdun 730 Center, Beirut, Phone: +961 1 79 25 76
  • Dora, Beirut, Phone: +961 1 883588
  • Jabado and Masri building, JM Center No. 50, Verdun, Beirut, Phone: +961 1 513413


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