Look! Is That A Squirrel, Or a Gay Marriage Protest?

Freedom Cocktail

Average Americans are earning $8,000 – $10,000 a year less now than they were in 2007.  The value of the average home (where members of the middle class hold most of their wealth) is $35,000 less now than in 2007.  Record numbers of Americans depend on government handouts just to get by.   Unemployment is still historically high and has been for a decade.  If you count those that are no longer even looking and those that are underemployed, which the government doesn’t report, the rate is at record levels.  Despite spending trillions more, annually, than the American taxpayer can possibly supply, the US Government was incapable of reducing spending even back to last year’s record levels of spending, proving that the US population is no longer capable of self-sufficiency – forcing us to borrow until the credit eventually runs out.  Healthcare costs are up 32% following the passage of the…

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