Internet Mob Culture

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When you write on the Internet enough, your skin becomes thicker; if you didn’t have a backbone before, you’ll grow one pretty fast if you want to stay in this business. Audiences will personally attack you from time to time, your words will be misconstrued, and your intentions will be misunderstood. And when you get it wrong, as you will once in a while because you are human, you will more or less become virtual roadkill. The mobs of unidentified individuals that may spontaneously arise to “discipline” a writer or a commenter, is the consequence and privilege of anonymity on the Internet.

On Sunday, like a lot of people, I read Kate Menendez’s piece on privilege. It was clear as day to me and anyone who remotely comprehends privilege theory, that Ms. Menendez’s understanding is at best, misguided, and at worst, completely distant from reality. I had debated that…

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