Ladies Fashion Watches: A Fashion Accessory for Telling Time

Ladies Fashion Watches:  women were wearing watches from late 1490’s and early 1500’s when women started using small gold table clocks to wear as a fashion accessory by tying the “watch” to their wrist with colored ribbons.

For many women today – watches are part of fashion wardrobe that is changed with the trends – they are not just for telling time.  This was true when Queen Joanna of Naples designed and wore the first watch as a fashion accessory – over 500 years ago.

In Paris, over 80 years ago, Coco Chanel made history by designing an extremely chic “little black dress” accessorized with mix and matched Bohemian stacks of costume jewelry and wide cuff bracelets – a trend that dominates fashion sensibilities of today.

But, today’s revival of Bohemian stacked jewelry fashion trends make it a safe time for women to invest in timeless watch styles that mix and match easily.  Stacked jewelry trends mean you can be equally inventive with big face watches and petite ladies dress watches stacked with various bracelets.

In 2013, there are many black dress selections in every designer collection – simply because the design world has returned to this basic classic styles and innovations.

Along with cutting edge haute couture design many women have resorted to wearing men’s watches – gold dress watches as well as chronograph watches  for casual daytime wear.

Today watches for women include many precious watches in gold and silver metals with complex dials like designer Michael Kors collection of chronograph watches as well as Diesel big face watches for women to met these new demands in design by women.



Read more…about Queen Joanna of Naples who invented the first Gold Watch in 1496, which is 500 years before men would wear wrist watches, click here for more information…













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content:  copyright by J Ronald Reed,, September 22, 2014


2 thoughts on “Ladies Fashion Watches: A Fashion Accessory for Telling Time

  1. Thank you for the great information…leave it to a woman to create a new fashion accessory from science…this reinforces the comment that “Women create fashion…men create wars”!

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